Portimão: “To vaccinate 20 people, we have to make 100 calls”.

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People who “do not get vaccinated are a danger to themselves and other fellow citizens”….

People who “don’t get vaccinated pose a risk to “I learned that we have to make 100 phone calls to get 20 people to get vaccinated,” Portimão’s mayor revealed at a meeting with journalists yesterday to announce the postponement of construction work and the progress of others.

Isilda Gomes, Mayor
Isilda Gomes, Mayor

At a meeting with journalists yesterday to announce the postponement of construction works and the progress of other projects, Isilda Gomes, referring to the work done every day by the teams responsible for contacting people of age to be vaccinated with the Covid 19 vaccine, stressed that “the need to make so many calls means that there are many people who refuse the vaccine”.

At a time when “the number of new cases of Covid-19 in the Algarve continues to rise”, the mayor of Portimão expressed concern about people’s refusal to be vaccinated – which, she stressed, “is the surest way for us to fight this pandemic”.

“We need to start a campaign appealing to people to get vaccinated so that people will also take this responsibility, because not getting vaccinated is a danger to oneself and to other fellow citizens,” the mayor concluded.

According to data from the 22 June bulletin (the most recent) on the incidence rate of Covid-19 in the Algarve – sent out by the regional health authority to the region’s 16 districts – Portimão already had an incidence rate of 144 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In other words, if the rules are not changed, Portimão is expected to be included today in the list of municipalities “under warning” that will be announced after the Council of Ministers meeting.

In this district, the latest data also indicate the existence of 85 active cases of Covid-19.

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