Forest fire in Aljezur district, Bordeira

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Smoke over Budens

Update 11:45:
On this picture we are looking over the valley of the Boca do Rio, towards Budens and over the Intermarche into the valley through which one drives to Pedrelva. Considering the amount of smoke, it is surprising that the official report says that the fire would be dominated. We keep our fingers crossed and have the greatest respect for these firefighters, most of whom are volunteers ! Thanks !! !

According to Mayor Adelino Sorares, this was the biggest fire ever in the district of Vila do Bispo.

Update 11:00 am:

The fire has been documented on the FOGOS.PT site and is already marked as inactive. Link to the page with the fire

Update 10:00:

The fire that broke out in Aljezur early yesterday afternoon, 19 June, and spread to the neighbouring municipalities of Vila do Bispo and Lagos has already been controlled.

On the Civil Protection side, the information that the fire is already in the process of being put out of control is confirmed by Abel Gomes, the Algarve’s second operational commander, in a press release.

“The fire was reported under control today at 9:10am. It was a very busy night. The weather with the wind was much more serious than we expected. The wind speed was higher than predicted, which made the firefighters’ work more difficult,” he said.

There are currently 469 agents in the area of operations, supported by 147 vehicles and 6 airborne vehicles, who were back in action at daybreak.

The fire is said to have originated in Vilarinha near Bordeira and was caused by an accident. The perpetrator of the fire that broke out in Aljezur in the Algarve this Friday was identified and arrested by the authorities today. The man in question was a 44-year-old man who was using fuel in a yard to power machinery. On Friday afternoon, an engine will have overheated, causing sparks. According to the GNR, the man immediately alerted the authorities and tried to extinguish the fire with a hose.

Update 09:30:

The fire near Pedrelva (north of Budens) has started again. 467 rescue workers with 147 vehicles and 5 aircraft are fighting the flames on several fronts. The wind is coming from the north, but with about 20 km/h it is not yet dangerous for further spreading and transmission of the flames.

Update 07:30 am:

The sky is much clearer, but smoke is still rising at Barao de S. Miguel and also north of the Parque da Floresta golf course. From now on the fire will be fought from the air.

Update 6/20/20, 6:30:

The wind seems to have shifted a bit and is carrying the billows of smoke to the sea, westwards. There are still 469 rescue teams with 149 vehicles on duty.

The villages of Budens, Barao and Vale do Boi, as well as the golf course Parque da Floresta are no longer in acute danger.

Update 22:35 hrs:

Air support is not guaranteed during the night. 372 rescue teams with 119 vehicles fight against the flames, the rough terrain and the wind. The flames are being fought on two fronts during the night. The operations centre is located at the Pedralva crossing during the night.

Update 21:00 hours:

There are 350 task forces with 105 vehicles and 10 aircraft on two fronts. The fire is spreading south. Message that Vale do Boi is being evacuated, which is already south of the already closed EN 125.

Update 18:00 hours:

The fire department has 249 firemen on the scene, 76 vehicles and the wind has abated somewhat. Therefore the cloud of smoke and fog with the ash rain is literally over the southern coast.


At noon today, at 12:55 pm, the local fire brigades in Vila do Bispo and Aljezur were informed and alerted that a forest fire has broken out near the village of Bordeira, in Vilarinha, both in Aljezur county.

As we have plenty of wind from the north on the west coast today, it is also driving the fire well. The clouds of smoke and the ash rain can be observed over many kilometres along the coast.

Now, 17:00 o’clock local time, the sky at the coast between Praia da Luz and Sagres is already darkened as if it was 21:00 o’clock. Ashes are falling everywhere and it smells like fire, fire and ashes.

The fire brigade now has 209 firemen, 62 vehicles and 11 aircrafts on duty at 17:30 H.

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