How does it feel to live with a pension of 371 euros a month?

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Many people look back on life after a lifetime of work to pay for the most basic expenses for food, income and health.

Of these, there are those who make it. And there are those whom the family must help. There are others who go to homes for lack of conditions, which do not always have the quality and dignity that our elderly people deserve.

An alarming report of the Social Security for the year 2017 showed that 71.4% of pensioners will have to live with a pension of less than or equal to 421 euros per month, according to TVI (4th port. TV channel).

Pensioner counts small change

After all, what is it like to live on 371 euros?

Secundino Marques, who has also worked in gastronomy, is 71 years old and earns this amount. In an interview he said that everything is spent under the expenses for the house, food and medicine.

“Rent from home 150, electricity 15, water 15, TV and telephones at 74 (…) I get a hundred and little, plus my wife’s pension. You buy a pair of trousers on the continent because they are cheaper, a pair of shoes now and then, and you can’t get too big”.

The wife has a pension of 300 and a few euros.

These lower pensions come from another time, a time when there was much “outside” earning in the restaurant business where Mr Secundino worked.

“They didn’t put the salary that we received on the payroll. That was before April 25th, because before that there was no pay slip for anyone”.

Could you live on that money? And in a few decades, when you reach retirement age, how much money will you be able to raise for yourself?

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