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Dr. Axel Geiger offers you these treatments so that you have a beautiful laugh and a healthy mouth:

-Detailed initial examination, treatment planning and cost estimate

-prophylaxis and professional dental cleaning

We will be happy to help you keep your teeth beautiful, clean and healthy, and we will work with you on prevention and professional dental cleaning.


We offer you exclusively tooth-coloured fillings made of composite or inlays made of ceramics for a long-term care of your teeth.

-Aesthetic dentistry

You want nice teeth? No problem! Find out in our practice about the individual possibilities from bleaching to veneer.


Missing teeth can in most cases be replaced by implants, which has become a standard treatment. We use quality NobelBiocare implants in almost all cases. Three-dimensional planning using a CT scan is also possible.

-Mandibular joint diagnostics and therapy

A manual functional analysis makes it easy to diagnose problems in the temporomandibular joint. Pain in the head area, ear or e.g. in the neck can be related to problems in the temporomandibular joint. Accordingly, a cooperation of specialists is necessary here, which we can offer you here in our practice.

-Crowns and bridges

Thanks to cooperation with specialized dental laboratories, we can offer you different types of crowns and bridges: ask about the different types of metal-ceramics and different possibilities of all-ceramics.

-root canal treatments (endodontics)

Once a caries has reached the tooth nerve or the nerve has become inflamed, unfortunately the only option is to remove the tooth or to remove the inflamed or dead nerve of the tooth. Many patients thus decide to undergo root canal treatment to preserve the tooth. To ensure the success of this treatment, all the canals of the tooth must be cleaned right up to the tip of the root. For this purpose, Dr. Axel Geiger measures the canals electronically and carries out the treatment under the rubber dam stretching cloth to eliminate bacteria and nerve residues as far as possible. In difficult cases, the practice’s own microscope can also simplify the search for canals. If you have any questions about root canal treatment, please feel free to ask and get advice.


Diseases of the periodontium can often be reduced by thoroughly cleaning the gum pockets in combination with regular check-ups and tooth cleaning. In addition to manual cleaning of the gum pockets, we also carry out cleaning with special ultrasonic curettes to improve the results. Dr. Axel Geiger is also trained in periodontal surgery, e.g. to cover exposed root surfaces.

-High-quality combined prosthetics

A prosthesis combined with crowns offers many advantages over conventional prosthetics: improved aesthetics, stability and durability are some of these advantages. We perform combined prosthetics with double crowns (telescope or conical crowns) or in the attachment technique.

-Removable prosthesis

If you are missing some teeth, temporary plastic dentures or durable model cast dentures may be the solution for you.

-Dental Surgery

All dental surgery such as tooth removal, removal of displaced wisdom teeth, root tip resection etc. is carried out by Dr. Axel Geiger.

-Holistic aspects

Through cooperation with various therapists we can offer you a combination of dental treatment with the following techniques:

-removal of amalgam www.homeopathie-maust.com

-Homeopathic accompaniment of your treatment www.homeopathie-maust.com

-Kinesiological tests www.homeopathie-maust.com



-Testing of bacterial jaw inflammation

Talk to us about this before the treatment.

-Sedation (treatments in deep sleep)

Possible by arrangement in cooperation with Dr. Michael Scheuber (member of the Portuguese Medical Chamber No. M46606).

Dr. Michael Scheuber (PT/D/EN) Phone: 913676612 e-mail: michael_scheuber@gmx.de

-Guarantee services

The guarantee on the treatments performed can be up to 2, 5 or 7 years. If you would like to find out about the guarantee of your chosen treatment, please ask at the practice.

-Services for German and Austrian patients

For German patients, Dr. Axel Geiger can issue an invoice according to the German positions of the German fee schedule for dentists, so that a reimbursement by health insurance or private insurance is easier for you. Likewise, cost estimates for dental prostheses can be submitted to the health insurance companies for approval.

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